no more silence

H said to me, “I’M TOO OLD TO BE SILENT!”

its true, we are all too young and too old to be silent bystanders.

the work of south los angeles youth collective radicalized my vision of possible relationship building and political work. the work that i am now slowly growing having to do with “liberation” is adding to my already exsisting “knowledge” and commitment to create non-traditional political spaces where community is built ground up, in order to best organize ourselves to promote reflection and action– all for the purpose of personal and systemic/collective change– well being is what we are looking for.

the term well being is used here in a very specific sense. check it-

we are seeking a psychological, emotional, and physical well being of all oppressed peoples. this includes economic restoration, equity and not equality. we demand that there be attention paid to the horrific consequences of such human made disasters such as war, “free trade agreements”, “globalization”, IMF and World Bank loans, non-profit industrial complex bull shit buracreacy, violence of all kinds, any and all ecomomic systems that require there to be such a violent gap between the haves and have nots, a historical amnesia so deep that only the blood in our veins know/feel the truth of “what happened” or “what is happening” because our ears and eyes are so shut that we can’t see beyond the everyday struggle, basic needs, and for a few their wealth that eats at their humanity.

whew, that was a mouthful.  needless to say, i’m fed up and won’t let fear of myself silence me anymore. thanks H, for your mentoring; thanks L, F, D, T and S for teaching me constantly. but most important of all for having my back.


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