it’s an odd feeling

it’s an odd feeling i felt last night picking up the rest of my belongings from my mother’s house in the dark, trying to be quiet so she didn’t hear me and d at the front door.

my mother is doing a “cleaning out” of the garage and house. she feels cluttered with old memories that i imagine right now are too hurtful to keep around.

i’m not the only one that’s hurting through this process.

after coming home and unloading countless boxes of books and x-mas bags with my name on them, i took a warm shower to wash the day away. i spent the day with d and her family. visiting her family is all too familiar, as my family and hers struggle with similar struggles.

a little after midnight, i lay myself to sleep, turning to d for comfort, unlike yesterday, today its not my head that hurt, it was my heart.

her warm skin and loving energy, i found healing as always.

it’s an odd feeling to wake up and know that today is another day where i will continue to create new family. never to replace the old but certainly to keep close as new struggles arise.


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