randomn thoughts

I am back in school. Just 9 weeks to go and I am done with classes. Left only with over 2,500 hours of training to finish up the Marriage and Family Therapy License.

I moved in with d recently. We now share a cuevita in the hills of highland park. I once told myself I would never want to live on hills. I would say, “those who live on hills are too close to the stars, they forget what real life is about.”

I gotta say, there is an element of distance and “forgetting” that I am experiencing up on these hills that over look all sides of los angeles.

d says that poor people need to raise their expectations as to what life should be like and what we accept from life. I don’t disagree, yet living on these hills only separates me from the life I once thought I would live.

Randomn thoughts of the day

I read an article on shame today at a café called Antigua. Antigua is also the name of the capital city of Guatemala. The café seems outta place, everything is in English. And they are located in a majority Spanish speaking community. Only people like me enter there. It was weird.

Lately melancholy has been visiting, more often than wanted. The days of embracing it are long gone, I am in a relationship now and its hard to hold space for both the happiness of my life and the stubborn melancholy.


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